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How it all began…

September 2013

My New Life

January 2016

Recently, two people have straight-to-my face called me a home-steader.  Wait, seriously?  The first time I was a little taken off-guard, as I was just telling them about my new front-yard chicken coop, and probably handing them a jar of home-made jam.  The second time was when my friend noticed our wine barrel in the carport, “Is this full of wine?!  You guys are such homesteaders!”

I started this blog to archive the things I do, so I could “remember for next year”.  We live in the mountains in Northern California, where we live very much in sync with the seasons.  We eat out of our garden year-round, and I spend a lot of time canning and preserving both what comes from the garden, and what grows wild and abundantly, like blackberries!  I’ve got a scattered mess of notebooks, print-outs and magazine clippings that I am constantly rummaging through, so as I organize, I’ll share with you.

My husband, Joel, and I moved back to Cobb mountain (where I grew up) in 2005.  San Francisco had been an amazing place to meet, date, marry and thoroughly enjoy the early boom years, but we were craving a simpler, more authentic life.  We wanted DIRT!

On the Mountain, our life is 100% different, and has evolved into pretty much everything we desired.  We live consciously, buy less, make more and eat real food.  We have two amazing kids who we raise in love, together.  Our daughter has a life threatening peanut allergy, which has complicated things, but not defined us.  It is sort of a silly place for a software consulting business, but we make it work because this life we have is important.

So, thanks for stopping by!  I hope this little look into our organic lifestyle makes you smile.

Jessica Pyska

Right about the time I was celebrating my second year of The Patchy Lawn, our house burned to the ground in the Valley Fire.  Our entire neighborhood and much of the community were destroyed that day, as were the homes of many of our dearest friends.

Moving forward has been difficult, especially here on the blog.  The life that I wrote about is gone- the garden, my kitchen, heirlooms passed down from my grandmother and mother, and my stacks of handwritten recipe journals.  I’ve got fewer possessions today, than as a college student 20 years ago.  My heart isn’t into cooking and baking these days, but I’m sure I will find my way back as this new life unfolds.

Rebuilding a home, and this community, are my top priorities now.  The The Patchy Lawn will continue to follow our lives as we dig deep, press on and reconnect to that simple, beautifully-imperfect, authentic life.

Keep checking in us!

Jessica Pyska

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