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1 Year Anniversary Give-Away!

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Wow, I’ve been doing The Patchy Lawn for a whole year!  Next Friday will by my big anniversary for putting up my first blog posts, and I feel like celebrating!  I am so incredibly thankful for the love and support of all my family and friends, that I put together a little care package of some of my favorite goodies… all loving made right here in our home.  I know you’ll love the peaches, blackberry-peach jam, pear butter, pear-pepper jam, and of course, our excellent ’09 Zinfandel!

The Anniversary Give-Away

All you have to do is sign-up to follow my blog.  Just enter your email and name, and that’s it!  Don’t worry, your information is safe with me, I won’t let anyone else have it.  I send an email when I post new stuff, which is usually 1 or 2 times a week.

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On Friday, October 17th, I will randomly select a name from the email list and ship that package directly to you!

Special Thanks

A great big Thank You to my friends that have already been following the blog this year, your encouragement has been invaluable.  I appreciate you tremendously, and of course, you are already registered for the giveaway.

It has been an amazing year documenting and sharing our life with all of you.  October is when I created the blog, though I waited until last Christmas to reveal it.  I wanted to be sure that it would be something I could commit to and be proud of, and I am delighted to feel that success.  Joel and the kids have been fantastic helpers, subjects and adventurers, and I am so blessed that they enthusiastically embrace my passions.

Take a peek into my world of Eating, Gardening, Making and Mothering, authentically and with meaning. Thanks for visiting!
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