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Apple Picking at the Albo’s

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A few weeks ago, I ran into Mario Albo at the post office, and asked him about his apple trees.  I shared with him that I was helping friends learn how to make applesauce, and he told me he had the perfect tree, completely loaded, all I had to do was come pick!  A few nights ago I got the call, the Golden Delicious x Pippen tree was finally ripe.  I gathered up a few of my best friends, including my sister, and we headed down to pick as soon as kindergarten let out.

kids picking apples

The Albo’s little orchard is lush and meticulously cared-for.  Mario’s father, Mario Sr., lived here all through my childhood and he was a great gardening friend of my mom’s.  She would rotor-till his garden and he would help her prune the fruit trees at my grandparent’s cabin.  My sister and I spent many, many days apple picking and running through these old trees.

Albos apples

Mario wasn’t kidding, this tree was loaded with fruit!  Apparently, he tried the apples a few weeks ago and they tasted terrible, but today they are sweet, crisp and perfect.

Georgia and Amy picking apples

And HUGE!  Look at the size of these apples!

kids boxing apples

So many helpful hands!

jenn picking apples

The apples were in enormous clusters that all fell as soon as you touched them, luckily we sustained zero head injuries.

Jessica picking apples

I can’t even tell you how many times I filled my harvest apron!

baskets of apples

We filled 3 baskets and 7 giants boxes, my car was so loaded that it crawled up the hill to get home.

kids in apple tree

Our little apple pickers together in one of the magnificent 80 year-old trees.

The Albos

Thank you, Mario and Gayle!  We had a wonderful time apple picking with you both, we will be bringing you lots of applesauce!


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