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Ladybugs Swarm on Burn Day!

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“A burn day waits for no one”, says Lia.  “I’ll bring the hotdogs!”  Or, actually Joel will when he comes down for a lunch break.

Now that we’ve had a little rain, and Calfire is permitting limited burn days, it is time to finally get some winter clean-up done.  The kids spent the entire day outside running with neighbor friends and “helping” the ladybugs swarm out of their winter nests.  I’ve posted about these massive clumps before, it is always fascinating, no matter how old you are.

A Ladybug Phenomenon

Spring Ladybugs

My dad’s property is on a bug bed, where million and million of ladybugs swarm, hibernate over winter, and reemerge when the weather begins to warm up.

Holy ladybugs!

Dad Lia hotdogs

Roasting hotdogs after a successful burn day, that’s my dad and stepmom, Lia.  Aren’t they cute?  I think she has ladybugs in her hair.

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