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Finding Fairy Treasure in the Garden

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Something very special has been happening in our garden this summer… something quite magical.  Fairies have been visiting!  It seems like they are enjoying the little garden we set up for them, because they are leaving behind their fairy treasure.  The kids built a fairy garden early this spring, but it wasn’t until recently that they began to find beads, coins, shiny buttons, broken jewelry and bits of ribbon.  It actually started happening at our home soon after we visited a little friend, who has quite a special relationship with the fairies near her house. fairy garden Our friend, Emily, lives at the edge of a forest, which we think makes it pretty easy for the fairies to come for a visit.  Not only did she build them a little fairy garden, but she also wrote them letters, inviting them to come and play, and thanking them for the all the wonderful gifts.  The fairies leave her delightful trinkets, sort of like what you would find in a “lot” of mixed jewelry on eBay.   We decided to leave marbles and some seashells from our trip to the beach in our garden, to entice the fairies into playing at our house.  And it worked!  Since we’ve come back from the beach, they have left lots of colorful and glittery fairy treasure all over our garden. fairy treasure Some of this treasure reminds me of the silly stuff I’ve kept for years in my jewelry box- broken pieces, single earrings, and gifts from childhood boyfriends.  I think the fairies must have also raided our craft supplies for rhinestones, sequins and such. As generous as the fairies have been this summer, they have also taught us:

  1. They like you to play with their treasure, then hide it for them to find too.
  2. Its OK with them if you like a few special pieces so much that you need to take them inside to keep safe.
  3. They LOVE getting written notes and “thank you” cards!
  4. The fairies are always watching and listening, and they don’t ever like to hear the word “Mine!”  Sharing makes them smile and twinkle.

Even though the fairies are tiny, they still enjoy getting notes from their friends, and are quite capable of reading them! fairy letter We took this note out to the fairy house today, hopefully we’ll get another visit soon! fairy house Summer is the season for fairies, as they are out dancing with flowers!  Maybe they could come visit you too, now that you know how to make them feel welcome. You will have to excuse me now, I have to grab my headlamp and an bag of glitter!

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