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Life in the Lawn at last!

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It has been storming for a solid week now- snow, ice, and at the moment a crazy, torrential, down-pour!  This is our most significant weather yet, as it is the driest winter on record for California.  Just to give you some perspective, we usually have over 50 inches of rain by February, and as of the other day we only had 4 inches.  Everyone is getting a little tired of being in the house, but feeling so grateful for the moisture.

I was dinking around in the yard this afternoon (yes, it was pouring, but I like to get wet) and I couldn’t help but notice the tiniest little sprouts of grass starting to come back in the lawn.  Our lawn has been parched and deceased for many months now, there was just no way I could justify irrigating it, and now there is new life.  The only parts that were green were some very shabby-looking clover.  Now it too is standing up and bushing out.

The ground is soft with mole trails… everywhere.  This is fantastic because that means not only is the soil finally soft enough for the moles to burrow around, but the grubs are probably hatching for them to eat.  I truly hate turning over a shovelful of grubs, but I do understand that they are a significant part of our eco-system, so I can appreciate that they are “grubbing” around in the mud again.  This means the worms will be back too.  The soil has been too hard and dry for too long, our worms have pretty much all disappeared.  Now that the moles are back to munching the grubs and worms, the dog is frantically digging giant craters trying to catch them.  This is our cycle, I’ll be filling in holes and reseeding very soon.  Now you know why it’s so patchy!

All of this is very good news, please keep the rain coming, Mother!

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