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The lawn at my house has been meticulously cared for over the past 5 years, but not in the ways you might think.  In fact, it would probably make Martha Stewart politely, but obviously, sneer.  But you know what?  Its green and lush (expect for the dog pee burns),  soft for bare feet (especially over the mole trails) and smells wonderful when you mow over the mint, lemon balm, oregano and thyme that have spread through the fescue.  Sure, we’re constantly trying to weed out the dandelions (the chickens LOVE the roots), have given up the fight against the raspberries (more to eat!), and have to remember to watch for the bees when the clover blooms, but all of this means we’re at home… our home.  Imperfect is just so beautiful, especially when tomatoes sprout in the grass!

Take a peek into my world of Eating, Gardening, Making and Mothering, authentically and with meaning. Thanks for visiting!
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