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Roses for Derby Day!

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A little tradition we have around here is to make a lei of roses for derby day, to adorn the kid’s rocking horse, Maximus.  This combines my daughter’s two favorite loves- picking flowers and horse racing.  My kids love horse racing a little more than what is probably appropriate, we’ve been taking them to “The Track” since they were babies.  Among my daughter’s first words was “go-go”, which is what she started calling horses after a day at Santa Anita, when she was 18 months old.

So, of course, the Kentucky Derby is a pretty big deal at our house.  I’ve kept her from picking any roses for the past week so that we would have plenty to string today.


The gathering of the roses commences.


We have to pick just about every rose that is open.


I think we’ll have just enough!


We lay a quilt under the apple tree and get to work.  I knot the thread and string on a few roses, “Hey mom, I think I am old enough to try that.  Can I try that now?  How about I try just one time?  Please…?”  She finally convinces me that she should try “sewing the roses” herself.


I have to say, I’m pretty darn impressed!  This is the first time she has used a needle and thread.


Did I mention that she is still only 4 years old?


I got to just lay back and enjoy the beautiful morning, sweet conversation, and the memories being made.


The last rose is on, I tie the knot… she snips the thread.


Maximus is once again crowned with his roses for Derby Day!  He is always our favorite to win, but we’re also pretty excited about California Chrome this year.




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