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Signs of Spring!

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We’ve been crouching down and looking low for the tiniest signs of spring.  Here on the mountain, spring comes late… about 6 weeks behind the valleys of the Bay Area.  The gray days of a long winter can get a little depressing, so we eagerly search for Mother Nature’s tender sprouts of new life.

chive blossom

 The chive bunches are sending up delicate little blades, perfect for snipping over scrambled eggs.  The lavender blossoms are some of the first signs that spring is on her way.


 This is our third asparagus tip to break the surface!
They are white at first, then turn purple with sun exposure, then green as chlorophyll develops.

bulbs Lyla

 Primeroses blooming and bulbs poking up in Lyla’s garden.

daffodil buds

 Daffodils are the brightest, surest sign of spring!
The soul of a gardener excites when these blooms crinkle out of their papery envelopes.

Baby Daffodil

 Always a flower offering for sister, from sister.

blueberry buds

 Budding blueberry blossoms!

Fresh eggs

 All four chickens are laying eggs again, that is surely a sign of spring!

tree peony

The tree peony is beginning to unravel, presenting at least three swelling buds, promising the ultimate extravagance of giant fuchsia blooms!

winter rose

This little golden miracle defies every law of nature!  How could a rose bud survive the daily freezes of a harsh mountain winter?  It has been mild by comparison, but we’ve still seen quite a few nights dip into the 20’s… and it did snow 2 weeks ago!

Discovering the first signs of spring requires us to move more deliberately (so as not to crush) and carefully monitor the minute changes in our surroundings.  This awareness comes with stillness and practice.  Get down low to see what is poking out of the earth.  Notice the swelling buds on branches.  Appreciate the tremendousness of these tiny signs of spring!

Take a peek into my world of Eating, Gardening, Making and Mothering, authentically and with meaning. Thanks for visiting!
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