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Winter Drought?

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Although I am thoroughly enjoying being outside everyday in a t-shirt, it is December, and I am having to water my garden!  We’ve had only a few storms, and very little rainfall and snow.  About a month ago we turned off the irrigation, as we normally do in the fall, and winterized it to prevent breakage during freezes.  I noticed my poor winter veggies are looking terrible!  My chard completely dried up and died, and the kale that I’ve been picking off of since September is barely producing.  Actually, my tomatoes were only hit by the Kill Frost 2 weeks ago.  That’s right, ripe tomatoes in December!

Winter Kale

The weather forecast looks the same for the next 10 days, dry and mild for Christmas.  Please, PLEASE send us some rain!  Come on Storm Door, swing open give us a nice long drink!

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