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Winter Garden Clean-up

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January kicks off my busy season in the garden.  Maybe it is because I’ve been so pre-occupied with the holidays, or maybe it is because our Kill Frosts have been coming later and later, and we like to enjoy it all to the end.  Whatever the reason/excuse, I always have massive clean-up to do right now.  Finally it is time to pull the frosted tomatoes, and all the other dead foliage from the annuals and perennials.  I really have to get to work because I noticed a tiny pink primrose poking through a matte of leaves and dried grass today.  It won’t belong before daffodils come and make clean-up really hard.

Mid-Winter Clean-up

  • Pull all dead veggies from the raised beds and pots.
  • Compost everything without a seed-head or pest damage.
  • Cut-back asparagus, weed the bed and apply layer of compost.
  • Recondition the soil in all the raised beds.
  • Plant more winter greens, carrots and beets.
  • Set-up cold frames.
  • Prune apple tree
  • Prune dangerous branches to prevent storm damage.
  • Spray organic dormant oil to apple tree, berries and roses.
  • Clean chicken coop again, compost poop.
  • Plant those tulip bulbs I keep forgetting about (but have been chilling in the carport).
  • Monitor those new gophers.
  • Clean gutters.
  • Rake, rake, rake!

The list is long, so are the lists for February, March, April and June!  The only good thing about not having any rain is that I might be able to finish this up.  At least all of this is maintenance, it used to be really crazy when we’d have to tackle major landscaping projects this time of year.

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