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Earth Day is a good time to consider our impact on the planet and how we can do better, because we always can.  I get annoyed with how much container waste is created by single-serve portions of food, yet my kids are completely addicted to the Trader Joe’s yogurt cups (sooo yummy!).  I’ve limited them to one pack per month, and we had to find a way to reuse the plastic, so yogurt cup seedlings we planted!

Yogurt Cup Seedlings

Start saving your plastic containers, like yogurt cups, for re-using as little planters.  They are the perfect size for starting seeds and can fit on a cookie sheet, to easily move around to follow the sun.


We planted cilantro and tomato seeds in yummy, organic potting soil about 6 weeks ago.


A little water and a warm, sunny, window is all they needed.  When the weather was nice, they got to bask in the sun on the deck.


10 days later, we had yogurt cup seedlings!  When they got a little bigger, I thinned the tomatoes to one plant per cup, by snipping the weaker seedlings.  Leave the cilantro in clumps for a denser planting.


The weather was unseasonably warm for most of April, but now it is chilly and rainy.  We’ve repotted the tomatoes into gallon pots and put them in our little greenhouse.  My dad built it, awesome, right?


Snug in the greenhouse, surrounded by kale.  I splurged on a gallon sized Brandywine and Early Girl at Star Gardens, just to try to get those tomatoes rolling in a little earlier this summer!


Cilantro on the table, ready for trimming.  I threw in a few more seeds about 2 weeks ago when I repotted.  I think salsa is in our future!  If you keep using it, the cilantro won’t go to seed.

We’ve all got to be conscience of our consumption, and try to cut back a little where we can.  Those Trader Joe’s yogurts are sweet, creamy little gifts from heaven, and a treat we look forward to… maybe even more now.  How else can we reuse these cups, before sending them off in the big, blue recycle bin?


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