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I saw a shirt like this for sale on Etsy about a month before Christmas, and knew my kids would totally love to make this for their dad!  This is a “back massage shirt” because, as you can see, Dad lays on the floor and gets a massage while the kids drive cars and trains on his back.  Someone out there is a genius!

My friend and I got together to make them a few days before Christmas.  We did the outline drawing with Sharpies and fabric pens (with cardboard inside the shirts) and let the kids fill in however they wanted.  We asked them about all the fun places they liked to go with their dads, and sketched them in.  It was important for me to have train-tracks and roads so that both kids could play.

Back Roads shirt


After we finished the back, we drew hearts and had the kids write their names. We also brushed fabric paint on their palms and made hand-prints.

Back Roads front

Is it silly and messy? Yes! But the dads LOVE these shirts. It was such a sweet project to work on with the kids, and even sweeter to watch them spend time playing together.

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