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We do a whole lot of beading around here!  Beading is a pretty cheap way to keep those little hands busy, while also helping them develop fine motor skills and exploring their own creative design preferences.  A bonus benefit is that my kids are constantly making gifts for people.  As a parent, I am trying to help them grow into “givers”, and beading allows them to create gifts for people as they please.  We never visit a friend without a gift, and people don’t leave our house without a new custom beaded piece (or a painted rock!).

The supplies are simple- beads and string!  As my daughter has gotten a little older and more dexterous, I’ve given her scissors, beads of more varied sizes and textures, and a selection of different strings.  She sits for hours experimenting with string lengths, knots and patterns.  Kids can start beading as soon as they stop mouthing tiny objects, so let the adventure begin!


We started with some large wooden and plastic beads, they are easy for tiny hands to hold, and the holes are big enough to string without using needles.  I found a tub of fun, plastic animals at Michael’s and colorful wooden beads on Etsy.


Hemp string comes in some great colors, but we’ve found that a giant spool of elastic string is best, as it is the most forgiving when making bracelets and stretching over heads for necklaces.  These fox scissors were a great find at Whole Foods.  Doing their own cutting has been a game-changer for me, though I do have to monitor what gets cut (a pile of hair on the floor… oh boy!).


These Melissa & Doug bead sets are wonderful for getting started.  We save the strings for practicing because they have these great, stiff tips (also perfect for stringing buttons).  The wooden trays are nice for laying out beads, too.


The kids have a big “bead box” to keep everything neat (sort of).  They can get the beads out anytime, and they are also responsible for cleaning them up after.


These are some of my favorite pieces.  I’m always amazed at how they figure out how to tie their own knots, set a “stop bead” and play with patterns.  Lately, the big trick is finding the “center bead”.  I wear these pieces with pride, they are so beautiful!

Kids as young as 2 years old can start beading, just watch them closely.  Acquire some basic supplies and let them get to work!  It’s another activity that can be pulled out anytime to keep those little hands busy, and allows them to create wonderful gifts for the people they love.  Sure, you’ll step on beads, and get a few painfully imbedded in your foot, and don’t think twice about vacuuming up a pile that stubbornly didn’t get put away… that is all part of the game!



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