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Today I attended a beautiful Blessingway for my friend, Bridget, as she prepares to give birth to her first baby. She is such a kind, nurturing, easy-going woman, and I can’t wait to watch her become a rockin’ mother!  A blessingway is a ceremony, rooted in the Navajo tradition, where women form a circle around a mother-to-be and shower her with love and blessings.

This is a time to pamper the pregnant mama, surround her with love, and help her prepare for the birthing experience and the journey into motherhood.  The gifts we bring will support her and remind her that her friends are with her always.

  • A Candle- We bring a candle that she can light while she is laboring, we have matching candles in our homes, so we can be connected and send her lots of positive energy.  I brought Bridget a beeswax candle that my cousin made, from the wax of his honeybee hives.
  • A Bead- We bring a bead for her “Mother’s Necklace”, she can touch the beads during labor, and feel the vibes from her circle of friends.  My daughter brought her a bead in the shape of a giraffe, while mine was a glass bead I bought from a vendor at the Olive Festival.
  • A Pamper Gift- I like to give really nice lotions, body butter, or for Bridget, I made a jar of Milk Bath.  I also gave her a jar of the Zinfandel grape juice I made last night.  My daughter picked her a whole basket full of flowers from our garden.

There will be time for baby gifts soon enough, this is a special ceremony devoted to supporting the woman as she transitions into motherhood.  Sure beats the hell out of baby shower games!

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