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Sweet Pea Valentines

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The kids and I spent the afternoon working on these super cute, fairly easy, definitely low-cost, Sweet Pea Valentines for their class parties later this week.   We love to garden, and make are own cards, so these hearts with grow-your-own seeds glued to them was the perfect project for both the 3 and 5 year-olds.  Friends can tear the paper into pieces to plant each seed separately, or just bury the whole thing!

Sweet peas are one of my favorite flowers because they are pretty, delicate and have lovely pink and purple blooms, and the fragrance is simply heavenly.  Growing them is really easy, just plant 1 inch deep and water well.  The seeds have a hard shell, so a good soaking the first few days will soften it right up and let the seeds germinate easily.  Plant them now because they tolerate cold weather very well, and you’ll have lots of flowers in May.  Most sweet pea varietals grow like a vine and like to climb, they would love a sunny spot with a trellis or wire fence.  They often self-seed, so you could be blessing your friends with sweet peas for years!

Sweet Pea Valentines

Basically, all you need is some paper, glue and a bag of seeds.  I highly suggest going to a nursery and buying the seeds in bulk.  The little paper packets that hold 3 grams cost about $2, when you can easily find 1 ounce for about $4.  Just to refresh your memory, there are 28.35 grams in an ounce (and NO, I’m not a drug dealer).  You might need about an ounce of seeds to make enough cards for the class, so bulk is the way to go.  Look for these packets!

sweet pea seeds

Print out some hearts with a little saying on them and cut them out (or click here fore my free printable!).   Great fine motor skill work for the 5 year-old, not so much for the 3 year-old.

sweet pea valentine cut out

Sign their names on the back, so friends know who they came from (do this before you glue the seeds on!).  We got out some stamps to give the valentines a little color, then just started gluing on the seeds.  I made little dots of glue and the kids placed the seeds.

sweet pea valentine glue

It’s important to use a glue that is water-based and will dissolve easily, we used Elmer’s white glue that was “washable” and “non-toxic”.

sweet pea valentines

Seriously, how cute is that?  Easy and inexpensive, too!  I already had the paper and glue, so it cost $4 for the seeds.  I also have the printable for you here.  Let me know how they turn out!


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