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Flower Girls Dresses, semi-homemade

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Last month, we held a beautiful fall wedding for my my dad and amazing new stop-mom (yes, I LOVE her)!  It was really important to me to have the flower girl dresses be a little special.  Because there were 4 little girls, I decided not to make the dresses myself (whew!), but I did want them to have handmade elements.

I picked out a very simple style on Etsy, plain ivory satin with 3 layers of tulle.  It was a pretty simple process, just sent the dressmaker the measurements and 4 weeks later the dresses arrived.  The total cost was $50 per dress, which is pretty reasonable!  I did not, however, realize the dressmaker was more likely a Chinese sweat-shop, than the warmly described, “Abby”, until I saw the same dress photo on several other shops.  I guess I could have clued in earlier when the shipping said it would take about 2 weeks.  So, as I I’ve learned through this wedding process, buyer be very aware on Etsy that you are buying from who you think you are.  I want to support American sellers, and it is getting more difficult to weed through the shops, especially when looking for crafting supplies.  OK, end of rant.

The dresses arrived, and all but one fit really well.  My older niece is 10, so hers just needed minor tweaking in the bust, which cost about $10 from a local seamstress (again, I chose my sanity over doing the work myself).

My plan was to make satin sashes and handmade flowers in the colors my stepmom had chosen, “lavender” and “sunflower”, with accents of pinks and golds.  I made the littlest girls (18 months and 2 years old) sashes 3 inches wide, my daughter’s (4 years old) 3 1/2 inches wide, and then my older niece’s 4 inches wide.  The dresses had a true waist, so a nice wide sash was perfect.  I also made them long enough to tie a nice big bow in the back.


After the sashes were done, I made flowers using the singe-technique, I’ll add more on that soon!  I arranged the flowers off-center and sewed them them to the sashes.  The last step was to attach the sashes to the dresses, so they wouldn’t slide around.  I hand-tacked them on using tiny stitches on the bottom of the sash, and bottom of the bodice.  The dresses were fully lined, so I just had to be mindful of placing the interior stitches in the right places, as layers tend to slide around.


So, that was pretty easy!  The dresses looked custom and really cute, lots of people asked me about it!  I also glued some flowers on metal headbands that were covered in matching ivory ribbon (also ordered on Etsy, from a US vendor), to complete their sweet little outfits.

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