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A mermaid costume for my little sweetie.  She loves mermaids, and loves purple, so I designed this costume to make her little heart sign!  When researching mermaid costumes, I was a little frighten by the vulgarity of skin and “shell bras” for children, especially preschoolers!  I have a real problem with Halloween costumes sexually objectifying women, and it is certainly NOT OK to do it to little girls.  This costume could be fabulous and appropriate. 

Mermaid Costume

I started with a basic sheath dress (straps to be added later) in this purple cotton with silver dots (how mermaid-y!).  The length of the dress went to just above the knees.  I then created the tails.

Mermaid Tails
There are two tails, one for the front and one for the back.  The tail is the best part of a mermaid costume, and I wanted her to be able to see it and play with it as much as possible.  I stuffed the tails with poly-fill and hand-quilted to create a “fin” effect.

Attach Mermaid Tails

I attached the tail to the bottom of the dress and created a clean hem.

Mermaid Scales

Next, I made lots and lots of “scales”, by cutting out “u” shapes and sewing them together.  I layered them on the dress in rows, starting from the bottom.  I used quite a few different shades and fabric types to make it look, well, awesome!

Mermaid Straps

I added these iridescent straps, then finished the top with this green metallic sequin fabric.  I cut a strip, made it into a tube, then hand-sewed it around the top of the dress to finish the neckline.

So, that’s it!  Feel free to use my ideas for a costume, but please don’t use this design for profit.  THANK YOU!




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