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My Tricky Fox, Toddler Fox Costume

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My little guy LOVES foxes!  I searched the standard commercial Halloween patterns for a toddler fox costume, but found this really cute one instead on Running With Scissors.  It only cost $6 for 3 animals, so I thought, “what the heck?, I’ll give it a try.”  Sometimes patterns from crafters can be a little sketchy, but Jessica’s was really pretty thorough.  I would say an advanced-beginner could tackle it no problem.  The only tricky areas are the zipper and the crouch gusset.  I was a little unclear on how to attach the ears, and she was nice enough to quickly answer my email.  I think my little fox grew over the 2 days it took to sew it, because it just barely fits.  He also has a giant head, so I should have made hood the bigger.  He’ll be able to squeeze in for trick-or-treating, then I may have to whip up another for his birthday.

Fox Costume for a Toddler

  • I used rusty-brown corduroy for the body suit, white fleece for the tummy (so cuddly), and white faux fur for the tail and ears.  The fur really makes the costume!
  • I lined the hood with flannel, just to make it soft and cozy, and little more finished.  To do this, just make 2 hoods, sew them together (right sides together) along the front of the hood, instead of hemming.  Turn right-side out, and pin them together as you follow her directions to attach to the body suit.
  • I used “Simply Spray” fabric paint  in black for the ears, legs and arms.  It worked great, and was easy to achieve the ombre look by spraying on a few coats at night, then one more in the morning.  I sprayed the paint on before I attached the fur to the ears.  This product is much easier to use than dying the fabric.
  • I used a really big, chunky, white separating zipper, so that he could get himself in and out, which he loves!  I put in a few stitches across the zipper, just before the bottom so that it wouldn’t separate.

Go ahead, support a Mama and make her little woodland creatures.  They’re so cute!

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