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Princess Celestia My Little Pony Costume

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I’m sure this isn’t normal, by my daughter talks about what her Halloween costume is going to be every day of the year!  Probably, I am to blame because I tend to indulge whatever fantasy she has, costume-wise.  I studied costume design in college, and Halloween is when I get to put it all to work!   She had been telling me for months that she was going to be a “white unicorn-pegasis with a crown and a jeweled necklace”.  She was very exact, and I couldn’t figure out why.  “Why so much white?”  I did a bunch of sketches, which were all wrong (she’s 4!), and we were both getting frustrated.  Finally, she pulled out her My Little Pony coloring book and showed me the full-color picture of Princess Celestia on the back cover.   “Ah, HA!”

This  Princess Celestia My Little Pony Costume ended up having more components than she ever needed, or felt like wearing for more than 15 minutes, but it was created to fulfill all of the necessary criteria.

Princess Celestia My Little Pony Costume

Princess Celestia Costume

Here you see all the components of the costume.

Princess Celestia neckline

I designed the dress with an exaggerated A-line silhouette, to give it a “clubby” feel.  Yes, most of my 20’s were spent dancing through the night to phat House music, so this costume does have a “raver-esque” feel to it.  I lined it with white satin, so it would slide comfortably over whatever she’d be wearing underneath it.  It is Halloween, so the dress is intended to be an outer layer.  I used 1/4 inch elastic for the shoulder straps and this yellow felt for the jeweled “necklace”.  The purple “diamond” is purple felt covered in purple glitter-glue.

Princess Celestia Cutie Mark

This is the “cutie mark”, pretty sweet, right?  Her mind was blown when she came downstairs in the morning and saw it!  I just used scraps of felt and cotton, and embellished with some glitter-glue.

Princess Celetia Headpiece

This head-piece ended up being way too much for her to wear for very long, but it was important to her that it look authentic.  For the most part, I followed my unicorn headband tutorial then added the mane and crown.  I also made the horn bigger, which meant adding an unfolded paper-clip hot-glued to the “tab” to keep it from flopping around.  The mane is made from strips of felt, not quite cut all the way through, then sewed together.  The tail was made from the same felt colors, the same way, except all sewed in a pile.  I then slit the fur dress before I lined it and sewed in.

Princess Celestia Magic Hooves

These would be the magic hooves.  They resemble wrist and leg-warmmers, with the gold laying over the hands and feet.  The “rear” hooves needed a little elastic to keep them up, and hemming wasn’t necessary because they are made from fleece, which doesn’t fray.  The yellow is from the felt, and sprayed with gold glitter spray, though it doesn’t show.

Princess Celestia Wings

Ah, the wings!  I cannot TELL you how many You-Tube tutorials I found on how to make these.  I sort of mashed them all up and came up with these little sweeties.  I used glittery white felt, stuffed with poly-fill, and no wire.  I sewed elastic straps to the tops and bottoms of the center part of the wings, and it worked really well to keep them in place.  They were a bit stiff for wearing all day, though.

And what does this Princess Celestia My Little Pony look like, anyway?  Well, here you go!


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