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It is so easy to sew a baby bib, one of the simplest gifts you can whip up for a new little friend.  Find a bib and trace it, that is how simple it is to come up with a pattern!

What you need:

  • Pattern
  • 2 pieces of flannel that are the size of the pattern (I like to embellish the front side or join 2 fabric pieces)
  • Thread
  • 1/2 inch square of Velcro

Lay the two pieces on top of each other, with right sides together and trace with a pencil.

DIY baby bib


If you would like to have the front side be more decorative, piece together different fabrics to make the rectangle piece, then trace the outline of the pattern.  You could also embellish with appliqué flowers, hearts or sweet little animals.

Tracing bib patternStitch along pencil line, leaving a 3 inch space for turning it right side out (I leave this space on one of the outer sides).  Cut away the fabric, about 1/4 from the seam.


Turn right side-out.  Press.  Topstitch around the edge (about a 1/4 inch) closing the 3 inch hole as you go.

Add the Velcro to the tabs.

I also like to topstitch across the widest part at least once, so the fabric stay nice and flat.  Do this over the seems of any of the fabric pieces you joined, it gives it a nice quilted effect.  It is nice to use decorative stitches here.

If you would like to sew a baby bib for the “drooler”, use terry cloth as the backing.  I made these using a stack of  “fat quarters” and a purple towel that I bought for much cheaper than it would have been to buy the fabric.  I like these for the drooler’s because they are so pretty, and so absorbent.

Baby Bibs


And that is how simple it is to sew a baby bib, TA-DAH!

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