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Thomas the Train Costume

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My little guy loves trains and baseball, so this year he had his little 2-year-old mind set on being “Thomas the Train-Buster Posey” for Halloween.  The Buster Posey part was easy, especially this year because the GIANTS WON THE WORLD SERIES AGAIN!!!  Yup, we’re still pretty excited about that happening… again!  Sorry, we watch a lot of baseball.  Anyway, about a month ago I ordered him a Buster Posey jersey and a Giants hat, which he wore everyday, “Buthster Posey needs me to wear my hat and shirt today”, so there you have it, that’s why we won.  The Thomas the Train costume component was a little more complicated, but Dad was all over building it for his little man.

Thomas the Train Costume

Materials Needed:

  • Cardboard
  • Masking tape (to finish edges and seems)
  • Paint- blue, black, yellow, red, silver
  • Elastic for straps
  • Pipe for funnel
  • Paper plate for face
  • Hot Glue

My husband, Joel, stepped up this year and built the train costume from a stock-pile of boxes that he had been collecting.  He took our little guy to the hardware store to pick out a funnel from the pipe-fittings and even brought the little toy Thomas in for a perfect paint-color match.


Here they are painting the wheels.  We were so busy watching baseball in October, that this project got a little delayed, so Joel was up until 3am the night before Halloween finishing the costume.


The face was the only part I helped with, I painted a paper plate silver and transferred an image of Thomas’s face by tracing a printed image onto the plate.


I had some 1inch thick elastic in my sewing stash, so Joel cut strips and attached them through some reinforced holes.


He rolled the ends of the elastic and used hot-glue to make them the right length and stiff enough to hold against the cardboard.


Ta-DAH!  This costume turned out awesome!  Joel doesn’t like doing too much detail painting, so he cut strips of cardboard and painted them in different colors to show the all the parts of the engine, it actually went pretty fast.


The funnel was very cool, though fell off a few times during the day.  We kept the hot-glue gun handy for repairs.


It was the perfect apple-holder!  The funnel also served as a Trick or Treat bag, and we put a headlight on it when we are out in the dark!


And when he got tired of carrying the train box around, he still had on a great costume!  Giants fans everywhere gave him high-fives!


He was so happy, it was just what he had wanted, “Thomas Train- Buster Posey” and it was ridiculously cute.

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