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Pressing Wine

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The grapes have been soaking on their skins for 7 days and are ready to be pressed!  Usually we rent a big stainless steel press from a wine shop in either Santa Rosa or Napa, but because it is a 2 1/2 hour round-trip drive, and the rentals are for 12 hours, we decided to use the neighbor’s apple press.  Hopefully by next year we’ll have our own for pressing wine (we’ve said that before!).  It actually worked really well.  We did smaller batches, but not having to drive really took the pressure off.

Pressing the Grapes

Hands in the Grapes

Juice Tray

Grape Cake

This is the “cake” which is all skins and seeds.  Grape-seed oil is extracted by pressing the cake even more.  People who produce natural cosmetics get really excited to take their cakes!  We’re going to bury our’s in the compost pile so it won’t infect our wine via fruit flies.

After pressing all the juice, we let it sit over night in the white cans, to let the sediments fall out.  Then, we syphon the juice to the barrel, where we let it rest.  Secondary Fermentation will begin.

Wine Barrel

“Sleep well, Lovie!”

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