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Painting Rocks!

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Painting rocks in the yard is a fantastic way to keep the kids busy while you try to get a little gardening done.  My kids beg me to let them decorate the yard and pathways with their bright and bold painting (“can we please paint rocks today?!”).  It’s a pretty simple set-up, can get messy, but a quick hose-off of kids and brushes and we’re all good to go.  I can actually get some weeding done!

Rock Paining

I give them each a brush, a bucket of water to share, and squeeze out whatever colors of paint they feel like using.  I use the washable poster paints from Melissa & Doug, but any tempera-type of paint that washes clean is fine.

Rock Painting brush

Painting develops fine motor skills, promotes color experimentation, and of course this type of rock painting allows for total creative freedom.

Painting rocks 2

They decided not to use the color black anymore, telling me it was too dark… they wanted happy colors!

Painted rocks 3

I smile every time I walk by their yard-art pieces.  I think some of these rocks were even painted last year!  The rain and sprinklers wash the paint away, so not only is it a lesson on impermanence, but they always have fresh surfaces to decorate.

Painted Rocks

There is absolutely no reason to not do this- paint is cheap and everything completely washes off!
Set your kids free to express themselves, or at least keep them quiet and busy long enough to have a few minutes to yourself.

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