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Canning Season All Wrapped Up

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Yesterday we finished up our canning season with the Mamas by making applesauce together.  We were all a little tired and burnt out from the Halloween madness that is October, but we also wanted to celebrate the abundance of our communal efforts and the growth of our friendships.  This fall we canned 160 pounds of peaches, 80 pounds of pears and now several boxes of apples we harvested ourselves.

Each Mama brought a pan full of pre-roasted apples, so all we had to do was run them through the Victorio Strainer to puree, jar, and process.  Roasted apple really do make the best sauce, here is the full recipe.  As always, we each brought wonderful food to share- baked brie with apricot jam, chocolate covered strawberries, and warm apple bread.  There was also a sweet craft to keep the tiny fingers busy.


Melissa and Autumn jarred the applesauce, but before she arrived she made me this beautiful cake as a “thank you” gift for teaching everyone how to can.


Melissa has been teaching herself to make these beautiful cakes and recently started “Scream Girl Cakes.”  She is offering her creations to our community at very reasonable rates.  Not only is this cake gorgeous (do you see the tiny fondant, vintage “Ball” jars), but it tasted amazing!  Well done, and THANK YOU, Melissa!

Erin brought pre-made dough (cornstarch and baking soda) to make these little ornaments with the kids, which were delightful.  You can find out how to make these here.


Oh yes, and we canned 68 jars of applesauce!


The past few months of canning with these ladies will always hold a special part of my heart, and we were all a little sad to see it end.  We made some plans for future get-together and soaked up all the warmth of such a loving, communal ritual.

When I got home, I unloaded my car and put all my canning equipment back on the shelves in the garage.  The harvest canning season is finished, as it always ends with applesauce.  I have some pressure canning to do, mostly beans and broth, but I can do that at me leisure, because it isn’t dependent on any ripening produce.  The days are crisp, clear, and vibrant, and it is time for early afternoon adventures in the forest… so out of the kitchen we go!

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