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Tomato Dust!

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Tomato Dust is powdered gold!  You can add a pinch to soups and sauces to give it an extra tomatoey-zing, yet it also thickens because it is essentially a powered tomato paste.  Add it to a spice mixture for a dry-rub marinade on meats, or use it as a seasoning to sprinkle over sautéed veggies.  Obviously, you need a little jar of this in your spice cabinet!  You can’t buy it, though, you have to make it yourself… which is always how it goes with the best stuff.

Tomato Dust

The next time you are working on a batch of tomatoes to sauce or can, save the skins!  Peel the tomatoes by dunking them in boiling water, then quickly cool them with cold water, and the skins will just slide right off.  Here are more detailed instructions.

tomato peels

The skins are coated with all that wonderful pulpy-goodness!

tomato skins

Preheat your oven to 185F, then arrange the skins on a cookie sheet.

bake tomato skins

Bake for a few hours, until completely dehydrated.  Depending on the variety, it could take 2-4 hours.

dried tomato skins

Let them cool, then lift off with a spatula.

Tomato dust blender

Use a blender to grind the tomato skins into a fine dust, and that’s it!

tomato dust in blender

I’ve also made tomato dust from dehydrated cherry tomatoes, which is a little sweeter, but they take longer to dry.

Store the tomato dust in an airtight container in a cool, dark corner of your kitchen.  Enjoy!

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