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Easy King Cake

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Making an authentic king cake is a lot of work, and if I’m going to be totally honest… I’ve never really loved the results.  We got home from a road trip 2 days before Mardi Gras, so I had to pull off a quick and easy family party.  Everything was easy and we had a great time!  This king cake was absolutely perfect in it’s simplicity and 99% guilt-free!

As I scoured my brain for an easy bundt cake recipe, my puffy road-trip belly was getting grumpy about having a big cake around for a week of nibbling.  I suddenly remembered I had a single layer yellow cake in the freezer left-over from a birthday party.  A-HA! It defrosted in less than an hour.  I also wasn’t looking forward to making a buttery-sugary mess of icing, so I whipped up this completely guilt-free Greek yogurt frosting.  Fat Tuesday is still a Tuesday, we’ll save decadence for another time.

Easy King Cake

Start with a single layer cake, here is a recipe if you need one.  Use a cookie cutter to make it a little fancy, we used a “star” shape to make it look crown-like.

Making king cake


Hide something inside that will be the “baby”, like a whole pecan (make sure everyone knows it is there).  Whoever finds it in their slice will be the king of the party!

King Cake sliced

Slather on some Greek yogurt frosting, sprinkle with purple, green and yellow Mardi Gras colors and enjoy!  This is an easy king cake that will leave you feeling guiltless on Ash Wednesday.


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