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Heart Beet Cookies

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Beet juice, that’s how we made these all pink and swirly!  I had a log of sugar cookie dough in the freezer from Christmas (it’s still good, right?) and a jar of pickled beets from my garden…

Heart Beet Cookies for my Valentines!

Beet Juice

Beets are simply amazing, don’t you think?  You could also use fresh beet juice, if you have a juicer, and a fresh beet.

Heart Beet Cookie dough

I thawed the log of cookie dough, crumbled it apart and drizzled on the beet juice.  Then, squished it back together and added a little flour to make it not so sticky.

Heart Beet Cookie Cutting

Isn’t that marbling beautiful?

Heart Beet Cookies in Sugar

We drug the hearts through a little organic sugar, just to make ’em sparkle!

Heart Beet Cookies 3

Sweet, sparkly Heart Beet Cookies!
OK, that knocked off an hour this afternoon… what’s next?

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