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Lightning McQueen Cakes

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I mentioned in my Train Cake post that my delicious, fail-proof chocolate cake recipe, was just a disaster when it I tried to get it out of the extremely detailed train cake pans.  The train cake was for the next day’s party, so I decided to turn this epic failure into his favorite Disney character, and make Lightning Mcqueen cakes for his birthday than night.

I didn’t have much of a plan, just sort of shaped the pieces as best I could, then made up a batch of red butter cream frosting.  I very carefully covered the “Cars” with the frosting, which was difficult because of all the crumbs!  I had some large white chocolate discs (the kind you melt down and make candy with) which I carved for the eyes and mouth, black candy raspberries for the tires, and yellow Skittles for the headlights.  I was laughing the whole time I was throwing it together, but you know what he said when he saw them?  “Lightening McQueen Cakes!”  Happy Birthday, Buddy.

Lightning MCQueen Cakes

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